Day 60

Day 60 was yesterday, but after getting an hour of sleep the night before last (and maybe a few too many long islands), I was seriously exhausted ALL day and had no desire to post. I did take pictures though!

I have seen quite a few friends recently and everyone has had positive things to say. I have seen old friends out at the bar who have recognized me immediately, and haven't mentioned me looking different, so that makes me feel pretty good. I never wanted to be not immediately recognizable. Friends I do talk to usually say, mid convo, 'yeah, you do look different!' hahaha, I think it takes people a while to figure out what seems off to them.

The right side of the roof of my mouth is numb, and my upper gums are completely numb as well. Dr. M things that feeling will come back, but I am kind of doubting it in the upper gums. I haven't felt any changes at all, they are still totally lacking feeling. It's kind of annoying, but it's much better than my face being numb!!


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