He was obviously not interested in snuggles from his Auntie.

Christmas Flashback -- Last Year (prior to surgery!)

Crazy, huh? I don't even recognize myself! and Jacks is a tiny bebe!
Seriously. I used to think I looked good in some of these pictures. The last one with me in the dress was from my uncle's wedding the day before xmas eve. I liked it enough to make it my Facebook profile picture. Yeah..

I got so many awesome gifts this year!
Remember when you were younger and you'd get socks for Christmas and you'd be all bummed, as if someone would think you'd actually like socks?
NOT THIS YEAR. I got ELEVEN new pairs. and you should have seen my face. LOVE socks.
I got luggage. Oh, how much I love luggage. I love to travel and my old suitcase arrived back from Australia with a massive hole in it, one broken wheel and one missing wheel.
I got dark greenish luggage that has FOUR WHEELS. I am going to be so efficient in the airport now.
I got the Justin Bieber Christmas album. My family knows the way to my heart.
and SPORTS BRAS. I really love things that I can actually use. Sports bras are so expensive. All workout clothes are so expensive. and I hate spending money on that kind of stuff myself. Super awesome gift.
Starbucks/Caribou gift cards. I know people think gift cards are not a very thoughtful gift, but I will love you forever if you get me a giftcard to a coffee shop. You save me from the guilt of spending my own money, and that's an awesome thing.

What did YOU guys get? Anything super exciting? Anything as exciting as SOCKS? :)
Please share!


A lot of things have happened in the last two weeks.

I have been on quite the emotional rollercoaster, and I just now have gotten myself to the point where I am ready to share a few pieces of news with you guys.

1. I graduated college. I finished my last final the week before Christmas, walked to my car, and started bawling. I wish I was more excited, but right now I am facing no job and am living at home with my parents currently. I would much rather be with my friends on campus than home by myself!

2. I had to put my sweet baby girl down the week before Christmas. and with that, I really do feel like I lost a little piece of my heart. I am still absolutely heartbroken about it, but I know there was nothing I could do for her anymore and I had to let her go. It was hard. It was so so so hard and there were so many tears shed. I know it seems funny, she's not a dog or cat or anything. But she was special. She was mine, she loved and dependent on me for food, water, shelter, love. She was with me through my whole college career and I was not ready to say.

3. I totaled my car last week. Yeah. Not my fault, but still, not convenient in the least. Now it's phone call after phone call between insurance companies, emailing Craigslisters and trying to find myself a new car!

4. I am moving to Santa Monica, CA. I am leaving sometime between Jan 14 and Feb 2. Don't hold me to any of this, plans change, and most of it is dependent on when I have a car! Haha. I don't have a job. But I have a place to live, and I am quite outgoing and think I won't have much of a problem finding a job once I am in the area! I am still crossing my fingers to find some sort of personal/administrative assisting job in the LA area.. so if anyone knows of anything...!! :)

I went up to northern MN yesterday on a day trip with friends... here's a few new pictures!

OKAY. You've been updated. Until next time :)

Christmas Gift Idea

I bought quite a few Christmas gifts off of my favorite ETSY Shop 'Barberry & Lace' for my mom, sister and aunt.

Barberry & Lace

It's super inexpensive and really cute vintage inspired jewelry.

Because I bought so much, they sent me this awesome 20% off coupon to share with my friends!

Here is the link to the coupon:

If you type in my email address '' I get 20% off too.

Check it out though, it's my favorite, and as a college kid, I am all about INEXPENSIVE.
Everything is between $7 - $30.

Here are some of my favorite things from the site


Tara has been one of my biggest supporters throughout my jaw surgery, and tomorrow is finally her BIG DAY to have surgery!

Tara, I will be thinking of you all day and wishing you the quickest and safest recovery! GOOD LUCK!! :D

Pineapple Update

Hi again :)

Thank you all for your good thoughts.

Pineapple woke up and seems to be doing a lot better.

She has lost a LOT of weight, nearly half her weight, but she's moving around a bit and eating again.

PHEW. That was not fun.

a BIG HUGE 'Thank You' to my momma for sitting with her and a heating pad on her lap for HOURS while I worked on some school work that I HAD to get done. You're the best momma :)

Excuse my sleepy face in the picture. It was a very late night taking care of her and an early morning to get some studying done.

4 days until I am done with my undergrad career!


Hi guys!

Not jaw related, but I have a favor to ask of you guys.

My sweet hedgehog, Pineapple, started to go into hibernation today or last night because my parents house got to cold for her.

If she stays in hibernation longer than 72 hours, she won't survive.

So, obviously I am having a big of a panic attack.

I am doing my absolute best to pull her out of hibernation, but there's no guarantee.

All I need from you guys is to keep her in your thoughts and prayers tonight. So that she wakes up and gets back to her happy little hedgehog self.

Thank you :)