Orthodontist Photos

My orthodontist has an online patient access thing that I signed up for, in order to keep track of all of my photographs/x rays, etc, and am also able to schedule appointments, receive reminders, and things like that-- handy, right? I signed on for the first time today, and I literally burst out laughing (while at work, btw) at a few of my pictures. I typically schedule all of my appointments for the mornings, and therefore there has been many times that I literally roll out of bed and drive the 1/2 mile to my orthontist's office, sans makeup, brushing my hair, anything.

This photo is particularly flattering, isn't it?

Gosh, I look horrendous. Like a night of binge-drinking, or like I got hit by a bus, or something along those lines... There are a few others from the same day, but I think I'll save myself the pain and pass those ones by.

You can even see my lovely leftover makeup from the night before. I can't believe I looked like this. Not
exactly sure why I've decided to post it, but hey, we're kind of like family, right? A weird, dysfunctional, constant life-meltdown, braced family.

These pictures were my most recently taken, right after arriving home from Australia.

Uh. I just hope that no one who
isn't an ortho-blogger comes across these pictures.


Second check-up

I had my second orthodontist appointment yesterday since getting my braces on. My orthodontist is located in my hometown, which is about 30 minutes away from where I attend university. My appointment was at 8 am, so I decided to head back to my parent's house after I got off work Wednesday night so I didn't have to deal with traffic in the morning.

My sister had to work on Friday, so I was SO lucky to be able to spend the morning with my little nephew, whom my mom was taking care of for the day.

Running errands with his Grandma and Auntie :)

When I got to my appointment, my Orthodontist, Dr. S came over to check things out. He decided that once again, we were going to be leaving the top wire on and not changing it out. For some reason, I was a little bummed. I have this idea in my head that if I am not constantly getting things changed, that it means things aren't going to be moving anymore. BUT, Dr. S assured me that things were still rotating with the current wire. He said that once things were lined up, which they are on the top, the bit of movement gets more difficult to notice, but it WAS still happening! So that was okay. I was able to brush and floss my teeth without the wires on, which I love to do! I think that having braces and dealing with flossing will cause me to floss much more post-braces than I did pre-braces, just because it is so quick! My OA changed out my bottom wire, and it got pretty sure last night, but seems to be fine now.

Dr. S wanted me to set up an appointment for 5 weeks later, but my mom reminded me of my trip abroad (HOW could I have forgotten) and that I need to be factoring that in to my scheduling. If I were to make an appointment in 5 weeks, I would have 3 weeks and then leave for Australia, and be gone another 4, and 7 weeks with no adjustment was just too long. So, we decided to plan two appointments, 4 weeks and then another 4 weeks out, so that I am able to get one adjustment right before I leave! Dr. S also told me I am definitely on track for surgery in June! I am almost hoping I can get it done mid-May, right when I finish finals, but we will see.

After my appointment, I decided I didn't want to deal with hurrying back to campus, so I skipped my first class of the day which was at 9:30, and my mom, nephew and I went to one of my favorite hole-in-the-wall restaurants for some amazing breakfast. Afterward, I took a HUGE nap in my bed at home, I was too exhausted from waking up at 7:30! Haha. I had to make it back in time for my second class, but I really wish I were able to have spent the whole day at home with my mom :)

OH, and OBAMA is at my University today! I unfortunately didn't make it to see him, I wasn't sure I could handle the rally + speech and miss that much time when I had so much studying to get done, but still, how incredibly exciting is that-- he is standing less than half a mile away from me!

That's all for now :)

Spirit Day

Today is Spirit Day, which is a day that was created by GLAAD to bring awareness to anti-GLBT bullying. I gladly wore purple in support of all of the GLBT teens out who are struggling, and hope that because of this day, even one less person will take their life due to being a victim of gay bullying. I also hope that those who participate in bullying others because of their sexuality take a step back and realize how hurtful they are truly being and stop what they are doing.

My lovely, adorable friend Jeff and I, today, showing our support! iPhone pic, so the quality isn't great, and it was so windy out so I look a bit silly, sorry!

Just another personal post :) Expect these once in a while, it gives me the opportunity to let all of you get to know a little bit more about me!

Also, I really despise this blog layout, and I apologize if the font is difficult for anyone to read. I am working on coming up with something that looks better!

Profile Pictures

I have quite a few 'candid' profile pictures that I will toss in blogs as I go, but here are a few that I have taken myself with the overbite in full effect.

It's pretty rough to post these. Blah. It's weird to see my side profile, because when I see myself in the mirror I think I look so much different than that. It is frustrating to know that those pictures represent how so many people see me everyday, when it isn't the way I think I look!

I have another check-up appointment with my Ortho on Thursday, so expect an update then!

Today is my 2 month mark of being braced! It feels like I have had them forever, and that I just got them, all at the same time.

All of my pictures for this progress blog are of my bottom teeth. My top teeth are pretty straight and they haven't changed the wire yet, so there's not much change to see. The only issue with my top teeth is there is a slight overlap of my left front tooth over my right, and the second tooth (smaller tooth NEXT to the bigger front teeth) didn't touch either tooth on either side of it, and that has closed up slightly. Nothing as exciting as THESE!

8.13.10 - The day I got my braces on

9.2.10 - Just over 2 weeks in braces

9.13.10 - One month in braces

10.13.10 - TWO months in braces

I had braces once when I was younger, and because I didn't really pay attention, or maybe because everyone else had braces too, I never noticed the progress like I do now! It is amazing how quickly they moved, and I am already so happy to have taken this step and am moving quickly towards a much more perfect smile!

p.s. for the most part, all of the teeth photos I will post will be in black & white. Everything just looks so nasty when it's in color-- haha :)

Heading Down Under

Well, I realize this blog is titled 'a braces and jaw surgery blog'... but I don't have a personal blog, so you may get stuck reading some non-ortho things going on in my life to, like...


I studied abroad in Brisbane, Australia for 6 months between February and August of this year, and I truly had the best experience of my life. I decided to save up all of my money in order to go back this upcoming January during my winter holidays from college, and I finally purchased my flight the other day. I think my friends will get sick of me talking about it, so be prepared, you guys may have to do a bit of suffering too :) I am spending 3 days in LA and then making the 24+ hour trek to the other side of the world. I will be gone a full month total, so I am hoping this doesn't impact any of my ortho appointments.


My two months in braces mark is coming up quick, so I will make sure to post pictures when that day comes for everyone to see my progress so far.