Spirit Day

Today is Spirit Day, which is a day that was created by GLAAD to bring awareness to anti-GLBT bullying. I gladly wore purple in support of all of the GLBT teens out who are struggling, and hope that because of this day, even one less person will take their life due to being a victim of gay bullying. I also hope that those who participate in bullying others because of their sexuality take a step back and realize how hurtful they are truly being and stop what they are doing.

My lovely, adorable friend Jeff and I, today, showing our support! iPhone pic, so the quality isn't great, and it was so windy out so I look a bit silly, sorry!

Just another personal post :) Expect these once in a while, it gives me the opportunity to let all of you get to know a little bit more about me!

Also, I really despise this blog layout, and I apologize if the font is difficult for anyone to read. I am working on coming up with something that looks better!


  • Anonymous | October 22, 2010 at 8:23 AM

    Welcome Dani! Crazy how quickly your teeth are moving, isn't it! Mine moved quickly and now I am not noticing many changes. I see you have clear brackets on the bottom too...lucky you! My ortho won't do clear on the bottom, not sure why. It is so cool being able to see the progress of Mandy (and Elisha too if you haven't found her page yet!). Scary but exciting! Me, Brent, and Shaye are all May 2011 surgery dates. Sounds like you will be a right around the same time or a month or so later! :-)

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