Heading Down Under

Well, I realize this blog is titled 'a braces and jaw surgery blog'... but I don't have a personal blog, so you may get stuck reading some non-ortho things going on in my life to, like...


I studied abroad in Brisbane, Australia for 6 months between February and August of this year, and I truly had the best experience of my life. I decided to save up all of my money in order to go back this upcoming January during my winter holidays from college, and I finally purchased my flight the other day. I think my friends will get sick of me talking about it, so be prepared, you guys may have to do a bit of suffering too :) I am spending 3 days in LA and then making the 24+ hour trek to the other side of the world. I will be gone a full month total, so I am hoping this doesn't impact any of my ortho appointments.


My two months in braces mark is coming up quick, so I will make sure to post pictures when that day comes for everyone to see my progress so far.


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