Progress Pics - 2 Months in Braces

Today is my 2 month mark of being braced! It feels like I have had them forever, and that I just got them, all at the same time.

All of my pictures for this progress blog are of my bottom teeth. My top teeth are pretty straight and they haven't changed the wire yet, so there's not much change to see. The only issue with my top teeth is there is a slight overlap of my left front tooth over my right, and the second tooth (smaller tooth NEXT to the bigger front teeth) didn't touch either tooth on either side of it, and that has closed up slightly. Nothing as exciting as THESE!

8.13.10 - The day I got my braces on

9.2.10 - Just over 2 weeks in braces

9.13.10 - One month in braces

10.13.10 - TWO months in braces

I had braces once when I was younger, and because I didn't really pay attention, or maybe because everyone else had braces too, I never noticed the progress like I do now! It is amazing how quickly they moved, and I am already so happy to have taken this step and am moving quickly towards a much more perfect smile!

p.s. for the most part, all of the teeth photos I will post will be in black & white. Everything just looks so nasty when it's in color-- haha :)


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