Day 51

I wanted to address a few blog comments I have received regarding differences in breathing pre and post op. I know I mentioned this before surgery as one of the things I was MOST excited about experiencing post-op -- better breathing and not feeling so tired all of the time! Well, I am so happy to report, it's true! Since having surgery, I have been feeling SO much more awake during the day. I am able to roll out of bed by 8:00 feeling like I got a good night's sleep. I don't spend every day dragging, and don't feel like I could go down for a nap by 10 am any more! I go to the gym every morning, and don't need a nap immediately afterwards.

Unfortunately, surgery did not solve this issue 100%. I have had two septoplasty surgeries previously, and both of those surgeries relapsed. I was crossing my fingers that jaw surgery would help correct this a little bit, but it didn't. My septum is still very deviated, and eventually I will have to go in for a third (and final) surgery. Doctors are going to give it one last shot, but the nose can only take so much surgery and 3 times is about all it can handle. Doctors recommend you wait a year after jaw surgery to have the septoplasty, which is a little irritating but I guess that's just the way it goes. I still don't have the ability to breath out of my nose very well, but I am so lucky that I am breathing better through my mouth and getting in enough oxygen to leave me well rested. As far as I know, I am no longer snoring. This is most likely attributed to moving my jaw forward and making more room in my airway to breath. I am sleeping much better, not waking up with a sore throat from snoring and not needing to nap twice a day. I haven't taken a nap in weeks.

I am not sure how my energy will change come university time. I can definitely say I won't have the amount of energy I do at this point, as during the school year I work two jobs, am part of a sorority, taking classes, volunteering, AND trying to maintain my sanity (which is a huge energy consumer in itself!). I will keep you all reported on how my energy levels fluctuate when the daily pace picks up. BUT the energy I have now is absolutely amazing in comparison to the way things were before, and I am SO SO happy about this.

I came across this really cool website on tumblr, I really think everyone should check it out! It's called Dear Photograph


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