Day 39

I came up with a better description of the way the roof of my mouth feels than my horribly graphic one yesterday. You know when you were a kid, and you lost a tooth, and your tongue kept going to the gap and pushing up against the gums where your tooth was missing... that's what it feels like. That gap, that was usually a little sore after losing a tooth, felt a bit slimy, gummy, puffy, and really odd. That's what the entire roof of my mouth feels like. It really is feeling better today though. The front part of it, just behind my front teeth is already feeling like it's getting back to it's normal texture, but the back part of the palate is still feeling pretty yucky. I am so thankful that the mouth is the quickest healing part of the body, because I cannot wait for it to feel fully normal again! I was really worried about eating and having salty or acidic things sting -I just bought the most amazing mix of sundried tomatoes and feta cheese and was so worried about not being able to eat it! Anyway, I haven't had any pain eating anything, but more slight discomfort since the roof of my mouth hasn't touched food in weeks.

Dr. M and Dr. S both took a look at my bite again yesterday. I brought up how I still feel like the right side is more open than the left, and both of them seemed to just shrug it off. Grr, I know they know what they're doing and it's probably easy to fix, but it's still frustrating that no one wants to pay any attention to this concern of mine! Dr. S said the bite is nearly identical on each side... ah, that can't be possible. I am also pretty sure that my back molars aren't touching, but this is yet another thing they seem to not worry about. I guess it's a good thing they aren't worried, but I just want to come out of this feeling like my bite is absolutely perfect, and right now it does not feel that way at all!

I have become the queen of making smoothies. Smoothies were my go-to meal for breakfast after surgery, because they allowed me to get in all of the nutrients I needed for quick healing, and they are super easy to eat and taste DELICIOUS! I was drinking them using a syringe for weeks, but have been using a straw for probably 2 weeks now. My typical smoothie looks something like this:
4-5 fresh strawberries
A cup of either Chobani greek yogurt or Yoplait light yogurt - raspberry, peach, blueberry are all good options
1/2 a cup of liquid - I have used water, milk and orange juice- all are good options
1/2 a frozen banana
A scoop of protein powder
a splash of vanilla extract

I am not a huge fan of using things like ice cream / frozen yogurt in my smoothies. I think vanilla ice cream makes it taste more like a shake than a smoothie, and I am also not really interested in adding all the extra calories that come from using it. Smoothies aren't as good at room temperature without that ice cream to make it cold, but I love to use fresh fruit, so I will always use fresh strawberries and toss a banana in the freezer before I go to bed and chop that up which keeps the smoothie cold!


  • Brent | July 2, 2011 at 9:18 AM

    Hi Dani -

    Hang in there with your lips and bite. I have read so many blogs about the lips not resting together and they all work themselves out. Same for the bite! Glad to hear that your mouth is returning to more of a normal state - good description in this post too!

    Enjoy your weekend!

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