Day 1: Uhh

Today was less than great. I barely slept all night, because there was a constant flow of people in and out of my room. The nursing assistant (or whoever it was) changed 3 times and they came in every 30 mins-1 hour to check my vitals. The nurse changed over at 7:30 this morning, and that made things more difficult was well. My day nurse was okay, but definitely not as sympathetic and understanding as my night nurse was.
My uncle showed up around 6 am to eat breakfast with my mom at the hospital. The private room I was given was so tiny, they had to haul in a little recliner for my mom, and I could tell she slept terribly in it, it did NOT look comfortable at all.
I had some volunteer woman stop in and wake me up at 8 am to talk to me about my religious beliefs or my relationship with the church or something like that, and I somehow got rid of her pretty quickly. I realize these people are just trying to help, but seriously? I was not in the mood to talk to some complete stranger about my religious beliefs, especially when I was so swollen and could barely speak as it was.

My sisters best friend had her baby yesterday at the same hospital I was staying at, so her and my nephew came to visit me and then to go see her friends new baby. I didn't exactly want her to visit, just because I knew it was going to be more to deal with, but it ended up being good to see her, and Jackson waved at me, so I hope that means I didn't look too scary :)

I forgot to mention in my day 0 post that in the middle of the night, I couldn't feel or see any bands on my teeth and I started freaking out! I thought Dr. M forgot to band me shut. He came to visit me in the morning and told me that my jaw lined up so well that I only needed 2 bands. I am actually able to open my mouth a bit, which I was not expecting, and it is SO nice to at least have that going for me! He told me everything in surgery went great, and he was really happy with the results!

I was released from the hospital around 2 pm, and went straight to the surgery center to get xrays. My energy level is up from yesterday, but I am still exhausted. My mom and I stopped to pick up my multiple prescriptions, and I am finally home, in bed :) My face is so swollen, I really don't like to look in the mirror with my jaw bra off- there is so much swelling below my chin, I look like a square face! I know this will go down and it is nothing to worry about, but it's still hard to see myself look the way it does.

I cannot get my nose to stop dripping blood. It's driving me crazy! I have taped some Kleenex below my nose so that as it drips it can be caught on something, but uh, it's no fun! Can anyone post-op tell me when this slows down/stops?

This is kind of all scatter brained, I am exhausted but wanted to get my first few posts out.


  • Anonymous | May 24, 2011 at 8:31 PM

    Het hot stuff! You are so lucky to be on only two bands. Being banded completely shut was the worst part for me. As far as the nise goes, they had a big ole thick pad taped under my nose to catch the blood. I removed it day 2 and was drips. It became completely clogged and I couldn't breathe out my nose. My doc told me to leave the dried blood clots in my nose alone until my post-op visit on day 5. When he pulled them out, it was heaven. But then I dripped clear fluid for 2 days which anniyed the crap out of me cuz ur not supposed to blow. So I kept stickibg q-tips up there to catch the fluid. I even packed cotton up there it became so annoying. But it stopped after 2 days. Day 7.

    You look really good, Dani! You look like yourself too, which is good. Can't wait to watch your progress. Hang in there, it gets better very quickly.

  • Rhianna | May 24, 2011 at 9:23 PM

    Was really great chatting with you earlier today! Thanks for all your helpful information :)

    By the way, you do look REALLY good for Day 1, and I cant believe your home already! Very lucky!

    Stay strong, get plenty of rest and I will speak to you as soon as I can.. Less then 24hours for me now! ekkkk


  • Terra | May 24, 2011 at 9:47 PM

    Yay you're surgery is over!!! I was looking forward to your posts. So glad to see that you're done with the surgery! You actually look great for someone whos just had jaw surgery! I have to admit I'm a bit jealous of all you people going through surgery this month! Wish I didn't have to wait until next year.
    I hope you have a great recovery and once again so happy to see your surgery is over.

  • Catherine | May 25, 2011 at 2:15 AM

    Thank you for posting so soon, I know you must be feeling very rough.
    I can't wait to see more posts from you. I agree with Terra above, so jealous that you have had your surgery but I've learnt a lot from all of you and your experiences have helped me so much.

    All the best. I hope you recover quickly x

  • Brent | May 25, 2011 at 7:26 AM

    Hooray for you Dani!
    You are such a brave person! Awesome stories about going into the surgery room! Very happy to hear your success and recovery. Take it easy.
    Cheers to you!!

  • Mai | May 25, 2011 at 9:36 AM

    wooo your one day down...the best is yet to come =D
    with only 2 bands your on the soft food diet or liquid diet just for pre-cautionary reasons?

    hope you get better soon and a fast recovery =D

  • Dani | May 25, 2011 at 10:58 AM

    I am on a soft foods diet, but that's because I don't have the ability to really move my face because of the swelling, or move my jaws because of the discomfort. I don't need to do a fully liquid diet though. My Dr also said that he may be putting more bands on at my first post-op appointment, so things may get a bit more difficult.

  • z3 | May 25, 2011 at 11:47 AM

    u look great at least better than me

  • Braced Blogger | May 25, 2011 at 5:30 PM

    Dani, I am apparently reading your posts backwards haha. You look so great for Day 1! I can see how the swelling increased a tad between day 1 and 2 but nothing major! Did you end up with a septoplasty too? The nose running would drive me nuts, too!

    I wonder why some surgeons want their patients to be on full liquid diet and others allow soft foods from the get go? Like you, my surgeon has told me that when I have surgery, I won't have to go on a liquid diet. I find that interesting.

    Are you sleeping in a recliner or in bed with pillows? I'm still assessing whether or not to buy a recliner just for the surgery. Fortunately I have several more months but welcome your advice!

  • Dani | May 25, 2011 at 8:27 PM

    Tara, I have had two previous septoplastys that have both kind of failed, so for this surgery we focused on the jaw and I will figure out if a septoplasty is necessary in the future, I am hoping just the jaw movement will help me breath better!
    The nose running is driving me insane. It is a constant drip of blood that I cannot seem to get to stop. I have stopped putting anything up my nose, as my surgeon told me that would just make it continue to bleed, but even with taping cloth on my face it just keeps dripping! I am ready for it to be all stuffed already!
    I am sleeping on a bed with pillows. I wouldn't say it's great, but I am surviving. I think a recliner would be more comfortable, but I am also not sure how much time I am going to have to be sleeping like I am. I don't mind having my head up, but this 45-60 degree head lift is really hurting my neck!

  • whitneykendra | May 26, 2011 at 5:44 PM

    Hopefully that bloody nose has stopped by now. It doesn't seem like it's scaring you or your surgeon or anything, just annoying. So that's good. My nose never bled after surgery though. Well, actually, it did bleed, but it would clot and dry up before getting out of my nose, so I had to get it out with q tips. I can't imagine that would last much longer though.

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