3 appointments and 1 crabby girl

You know those days when nearly everything bugs you? I mean, the littlest, tiniest things can drive you absolutely crazy? Today was one of those days. and today was also the day I had 3 appointments, and therefore came in contact with way to many people who had to deal with my less than appealing attitude. I tried my best to cover it, so hopefully I didn't come off as too harsh.

My first appointment was the dentist. I hadn't been since right before I had gotten my braces on back in August, whoops! I have had the same dental hygienist every cleaning for the last few years, so it was good to see her again. She knows members of my extended family pretty well, so we always have a lot to chat about. She recently lost her 25 year old son, and I nearly started crying while I was on the chair just listening to her story and the struggles she's currently going through. It puts this surgery into perspective, I could be facing struggles much more difficult, and surgery is nothing in comparison to what she's dealing with.
There was a new dentist in the office, someone I had never worked with before. My DH told him that I was getting jaw surgery on Monday. He proceeded to do his little cancer exam and check everything out, and then started pushing up and down my jaw line pretty roughly, saying 'does this hurt? how about this?'. In comes my annoyed attitude with my reply, 'ah, yes, it does actually, that's why I am getting surgery on Monday...' It may have been rude, but uh, he was bugging me! :-P
Both the hygienist and the dentist told me my brushing looked GREAT, much better than other braces patients they see, so that was good to hear. It's something I have been really worried about lately! They told me I need to work on my flossing, but uhh, it just takes sooo long.

Second appointment was to get my pre-op physical with my normal physician. My slightly snotty attitude followed me from one clinic to the next. The nurse had absolutely no idea why a patient may be getting jaw surgery, so I had to deal with a million questions. She then could not figure out how to spell orthognathic, and I had to spell it for her 3 times. Haha, gosh, I was probably such a peach for her to deal with! Dr. C came in, who has been our family doctor for years. I love her to death, but she also drove my slightly crazy when she wrote on the chart 'has been in braces for 9 months to correct jaw pain, but it has not been working, so Dr. M has recommended jaw surgery.' ... I guess she didn't realize that the braces were needed FOR the surgery, and were not a 'Plan A' which needed to turn in to 'Plan B' when it didn't work.

On to the surgeon's office, and I was still being snotty. The assistant did molds of my teeth, but it was such a different experience than when I get molds done at the ortho. She warned me that her molds were messy but she was really good at it, and let me tell you, she was MESSY. The mold 'goo' was super liquidy and was dripping everywhere and I had to hold a little spit pan under my face to catch everything. After she prepped the mold goo, she would put it under the faucet for a second to get everything wet. I mean, molds are never a super fun, clean experience, but gosh, it was a mess and the goo was a completely different consistency than it is at my ortho. She wanted to do an xray, and told me I had to take out all of my jewelry. Well, I have my tragus and some other odd part of my ear pierced with earrings that are not just easily removed without a special pliers, so I told her I couldn't take them out. She was a bit frustrated, I think, but I have had multiple xrays and surgeries with these babies in and they have never caused a problem, and the xray she took looked okay to me (as if I would know) so hopefully all goes well and I don't have to do another xray with them taken out.

My mom and I went out to lunch and had absolutely terrible service and it took ages to be waited on (thus continues my crabby attitude). My mom and I went our separate ways and I drove home, absolutely DYING to take a nap (I nearly fell asleep in my car in the Dr. office parking lot, I was THAT tired). I get home, and realize I had my spare car keys, not my normal keys with my house keys on them.... UH! I ended up finding spare keys 15 minutes later, and got in a 15 minute nap before I had to get up again.

Sorry for such a whiny post. I am doing my best to get rid of this attitude!

I have two appointments tomorrow, one to get my lugs on and the other with Dr. M for my final meeting with him before surgery.

6 days until surgery!


  • Anonymous | May 17, 2011 at 5:22 PM

    Holy smokes, Dani! I totally feel your pain though! I get in moods like that too where I have very little patience for the stupidity of others. Your post has me giggling, sorry. I like you! Ha!

    Glad you got all those appointments out of the way though. You are almost there. Hell, i'll be playing volleyball by the time you have your surgery, lol! Kidding!

    I am going to update my pre-surgery supplies post for you, now that I know what I actually used and what I did not! :)

  • Ellie | May 17, 2011 at 6:17 PM

    Hi Dani! I'm sorry you had such a rotten day. Frustrating how they ask you to remove your piercings for the x-rays... seems that the metal in the braces would affect the x-ray more?? Good luck on Monday!

  • Mulan | May 18, 2011 at 1:56 AM

    good luck, i wish u well!

  • JEN | May 18, 2011 at 5:54 AM

    Dani - we all have those days!!! Hang in there.

  • Brent | May 18, 2011 at 7:14 AM

    Hi Dani -
    That sounds like the perfect storm of events! I can so relate to your family doctor...it drives me nuts that they don't understand the concept of what we are going through and why! Hope today is better~!
    Have a wonderfull week!

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