Day 34

It's Pride Week this week, and I spent today at the Minneapolis Pride Parade with my best friend Carey. Drinks, dancing, making friends and running around posh hotels with my favorite wingman was the perfect way to spend my Sunday :) Now I am home to write a paper due tonight, blah.

I haven't been in any casual pictures since the surgery, they've all been ones I have taken of myself to post on here, so I thought I would share a few. I really don't like the top one (other than my goofy face! haha). When I look at my chin compared to Carey's, it brings back that initial feeling that I had of having a massive chin/jaw. I still don't know how to smile so the bottom one is a bit awkward too, but I thought I'd share anyway. Carey has braces too! We are quite the pair :) She actually really doesn't smile with her mouth closed very often, but you can see her grill in the other two. I included the last group picture of us, although I think I look terrible and it looks like an awkward family, it's proof that she's a brace face too :) We are such foxes.

Today's pictures


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