Surgeon Appointment

I get really excited for appointments with my surgeon, because it makes it more real that this is happening. I don't think Dr. M really needed anything at this appointment other than just making sure my teeth looked ready for May. It also gave me the opportunity to ask a few questions. I think he is a little surprised by how much I know and how many questions I had for him.

The first thing I asked him about was the splint. He confirmed my worst fear and said that yes I will be having a splint in for 6 weeks. UGH. I know this whole process is far from sunshine and daisies, but I have read nothing but horrible things about how much worse the splint makes everything, so I am really dreading it. He told me that they need to split by upper jaw because after the rotation of my jaws, the top and bottom most likely won't fit together properly. If by some grace of god they do, I won't have to have my upper jaw split and won't have to have the splint, but I am really not going to count on it.

One major concern I have had is something that most people will find incredibly silly, but I have been worried about my tongue piercing closing during the 5 hour surgery, or closing at some point during the time before I wake up. The hole typically can start closing after 3 hours, and could potentially close entirely during this surgery. I know it seems like a dumb concern, but it's kind of become a part of me in a way, and I can only handle so much change at once. Most people are completely unaware that I have my tongue pierced. I am certainly not the typical person who would, and because my mouth is so small, no one ever sees it! I had a friend ask me yesterday if I just got it done.. haha! So really, keeping the piercing is just a comfort for me. I talked to Dr. M about it and he said he would definitely help me out. He thought it was a little funny, but he said I could remove it in the OR just before the surgery and he would make sure it was back before I woke up. Woohoo, one less thing to worry about!

I asked him about length of the surgery, and he said typically 5 1/2 hours.

I also asked him about the genioplasty. He said it was an option for me, but I still don't feel like I got the answer I was looking for. He mentioned that when my jaws are rotated, it will bring my chin out, but then he also said a genioplasty would bring my chin out, so I am just not really sure what the pros and cons, or even the point of getting the genio is? I am worried that my chin may be still too recessed after surgery if I don't do the genio, but what if the rotation makes it perfect and then they do the genio and brings my chin out too far? Ugh, I still have no idea.

We also talked about the surgery date :) He said that he really thinks May will be a perfect time, and that I could go ahead and schedule my surgery! He gave me the name of a woman who works in one of his other offices who does all of the surgery coordination for him between their office, the ortho and the hospital. I called her on Tuesday afternoon and she said she would get in touch with Dr. S and the hospital to finalize a date. She told me she would be getting back to me by the end of the week, so I should be hearing from her soon. I will let you all know asap! Cross your fingers for me!


  • Kristi | March 25, 2011 at 8:57 AM

    May!!! I wish I was having my surgery in May. August seems so far away. Judging by other blogs I've read the orthodontists are pretty accurate at estimating treatment time.

    Also, I'm glad you brought up the whole genioplasty question. I asked Dr. G about my genioplasty since I have a diving board of a chin. He didn't think genioplasty was a good idea since the new jaw placement would minimize the chin. Using the same logic, your chin would probably be more prominent with the jaw repositioning.

    I'm excited for you to receive a set date.

  • Anonymous | March 25, 2011 at 11:21 AM

    OMG! I am so happy for you! Have yours on May 11th like me! Ha ha! I'm bad, sorry! I just really think it'd be cool to have us both doing this at the same time! We are having the EXACT same surgery.

    As far as your piercing goes, I think you have nothing to fear. Your doc said he'd make sure that it is back in before you even wake so let's say it does close a little...I am sure he will stick it right back through. He is afterall cutting bones in your face so I am sure he can handle a little re-piercing if necessary!

    Also, as far as the genio goes... I am in the same boat. Being told it is up to me, here are pros, here are cons, etc. I don't even see my surgeon again until 2 days before my surgery. I am just going to tell him that he is the expert and I trust his decision and that he can go ahead and do what he thinks is best. If that means a genio, so be it.

    I will be checking your blog like twice a day now waiting for that surgery date to be posted!

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