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I am a few days behind, but I am in the midst of a week long sorority event so my life has been crazy! I had an orthodontist appointment on Monday, and my teeth are still killing me, but what's new? At my last appointment, they had downgraded my wires to the thinner, more flexible ones because they had repositioned a few brackets. It must be time for me to catch up because they really decided to go all in this week! They put a stainless steel wire on the bottom teeth, along with chain ligatures (the bands that go around the brackets). I have self-ligating braces, which means I don't normally have rubber bands around them, so this was a pretty big change. Dr. S told me the chain was used to get rid of any tiny gaps between my bottom teeth. Before putting the new wire on, he took a little file between each of my front bottom teeth to polish them. Think of sand paper running between your teeth, uh, it was nauseating! On the top teeth I moved back to the square stainless steel wire as well. I believe both wires are 18 gauge, but I could be wrong. I also got the springs back on each side to create gaps again between teeth 2 and 3 on each side.

One thing that irks me about going to my orthodontic appointments is that Dr. S always asks me 'So when are we shooting for again?' as it, when I will be having surgery. I have been very adamant about having surgery in May, and I honestly think that had I not kept asking if it were possible for me to get it in May, he probably would have just taken his time and it could have been a few more months until surgery. It seems like because he knows it's going to be in May, he hustles with the progress, but had I just let him make every decision and waited for him to give me the OK without asking a million times, he probably wouldn't be moving this fast.

I asked Dr. S about the splint, if I would be having one in after surgery or not. He didn't seem very sure on his answer. He told me that they aren't used that often anymore (uh, it seems like most of the blogs I have read have had a splint...) and that his patient that was getting surgery the morning of my appointment wouldn't have a splint in. Anyway, his answer really didn't help much.

Oh, and SOMEHOW my momma has happened upon my blog, so HEY MOM :) She knows I am a surgery blog addict, but I never told her I had one as well. She let it slip the other day that she's been following along with my updates, and that she's been following along with many of my followers updates too!

I had an appointment with my surgeon Tuesday, so I will update you all on that tomorrow !


  • Kristi | March 24, 2011 at 4:15 PM

    "When are we shooting for" is very unsettling. Good thing you are tenacious, which will come in handy should you have any insurance issues.
    Your blog is great I just read through your previous posts and viewed your pictures. All health and dental issues aside you are already attractive and the results of the surgery should be stunning.
    The splint comment seems a little off as well. I agree with you. All the blogs I've read include that awful splint period.

  • JEN | March 24, 2011 at 6:49 PM

    Keep us updated! I initially didn't need a splint I was told, but now I'm getting one. This is one thing that I am very fearful of.

  • Sarah | March 25, 2011 at 3:53 AM

    What is a splint?! I've heard people talk about it and it's the one thing which I've never been able to find much on!! But you're right Dani, most people I've read about do have splints, so that seems weird that he said it's rare! Whatever it is, people seem to not like it!

  • Dani | March 25, 2011 at 6:44 AM

    Sarah, it's sort of like a retainer, but it's entirely plastic, and the plastic wraps around the edges of your upper teeth just below the braces, and then covers part of the roof of your mouth. Google 'jaw surgery splint' and you should get a general idea. It honestly just reminds me of a athletic mouthguard

  • Anonymous | March 25, 2011 at 11:16 AM

    Hi Dani! Yeah, I felt the same way with my surgery date. I really pushed for May and I feel like had I not, they would have pushed me to June or July. Good luck and let me know when you get a surgery day scheduled! I hope it is the same week as mine! Lol! We can recover together over our computers! Ha ha!

  • Dani | March 25, 2011 at 11:34 AM

    Tina, Wish I could have gotten it done at the same time as you, but I have two exams and a paper due on the 12th, so it definitely was not an option! I completely agree that my OD would have taken his time and I would have had surgery in June/July as well. My OS was all about May, and I really don't think he'd OK this unless he really thought I would be ready, so I think my OD just likes to take his time, even if it's unnecessary. WOOHOO for May! 2 weeks apart but we will still be recovering together :)

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