Profile Pics

This is my profile with me biting down but relaxing my mouth. I never realized how much my bottom lip curves over. I am not sure if that is due to braces, or if it's always been like that. It almost looks like I don't have a top lip from the side compared to that bottom lip!

What does everyone know about cases that go with a genioplasty versus cases that don't? I haven't spoken with my OS about this yet, but I feel like when I pull my jaw forward to where my bottom teeth are reaching my top teeth, my chin doesn't change a whole lot and it still looks recessed to me. I feel like the area between the sides of my face and my neck just kind of blend in together and that I don't have proper definition of the jaw on the sides either. I keep noticing more things that seem 'off' to me about my jaw structure, but I find it's sometimes hard to put into words what I am even noticing or what doesn't look 'right'.


  • S N | March 4, 2011 at 11:14 AM

    i know what u mean. like even when u pull ur jaw forward your chin seems like its receding. its because when ur physically moving your jaw forward ur muscles are not relaxed so you will not getting to see anything close to your actual results that way. when i do that my chin still looks receding and my lower lip still seems more protruding and pronounced than my chin. i asked my surgeon why doesnt he think i need a genio and he said i dont want you too look like you have too much chin...whatever that means.

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