"Emergency" OD appointment

My teeth have constantly been sore due to the addition of the two springs on top, but when both '2' teeth (the ones located on either side of my two front teeth) started rotating, I became a little concerned. It wasn't anything obvious, but because my tongue could feel they were both back a bit, and it wasn't the normal smooth surface across the inside of my upper teeth. I couldn't tell if I was imagining it, but the right tooth definitely seemed to be tilting inwards toward the front tooth. It seemed to me like they were taking advantage of the new gaps the springs created and moving around a bit with the space provided. I called my OD office, and sent them a picture as well. They told me I could stop in today. WELL, I ended up being right, both teeth had shifted, and it was because the doors on those two brackets had opened! I hadn't noticed at all, but the wire was no longer being held in place entirely, so both teeth were free to move around as they pleased. I am so thankful I went in, I can't imagine how far I would have brought myself back had I let them continue to shift on their own. My OD and OA both said it was really good I came in, PHEW!

This is a pretty bad picture, but hopefully you'll get the idea. The tooth in the front of the spring was the one rotating. Anyway, after the wires were snapped back into place, they had to use a really thin wire to hold the bracket to the archwire, because the doors kept popping open. Thankfully it brought both teeth right back to where they belonged. They aren't going anywhere now!


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