Taking over

I had my first dream revolving around jaw surgery. I woke up from surgery and my chin was SUPER long. My jaw was set correctly, and the jaw line was fine, but my chin looked like the mask from the movie 'SCREAM' because of the genioplasty! During my dream, my mom and I had decided we were going to pay for me to go back into surgery and reverse the genioplasty because it came out all wrong! Haha, clearly these last few decisions regarding surgery are taking over my brain!

At this point, I am really hoping this was the first and last dream about it. I think about it enough as it is when I am awake!


  • Sarah | April 5, 2011 at 5:07 AM

    Oh my god, this is so weird, cos I had a dream about jaw surgery last night too! It wasn't my first, I had one before that they started operating while I was still awake! Last night my dream was just about me being in the hospital before the surgery. It was kind of scary and made me scared about it when I woke up...it kind of made me realise how real it is, and that at some point I'm actually going to be having my jaws sawn apart!

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