Beginning my preparation

Apparently my info from the hospital came last week, but my mom didn't mention it! I thought it would be a little more interesting than it turned out to be. It was just a brochure that gives general information about surgery, and nothing really specific to the procedure I am having. It just says to make sure I get a physical a week before, which I have already scheduled, and it says that someone from the hospital should be calling me to give me specific instructions regarding my surgery at some point.

I have started picking things up from the store one by one to prepare for surgery. For some reason, it lets me think I am spending less money when I space it out a little bit :)

Waterpik - I bought one off Craigslist New in Box for $30!


Water bottle: I am one of those people who ALWAYS has to have a water bottle with me, so much that my water bottle literally lays in my bed at night. I honestly think I have such a dependence on it because of the mouth breathing. There are so many times where my mouth gets SO dry, especially in the middle of the night, that I need water immediately. Anyway, my trusty water bottle is a Camelback, which, for those of you who don't know, has a mouth piece that you have to bite down on (like a straw) and then suck up the water. I am thinking this really is not going to be an option come the time when I won't even be able to open my mouth properly, so I picked up a NEW one. This water bottle has a smaller round mouth piece, which I thought might make drinking easier (and less messy) post-surgery.

My mom works for 3M, and she some how came across these bottles at work, which will be perfect to use for eating/drinking! So nice to save a little money and get at least one thing for surgery for free!

I nearly forgot about one of my FAVORITE items! My little nephew is so graciously allowing me to borrow his penguin humidifier! Actually, he is only 10 months so he has no say in it, but my sister is letting me borrow it! I think just having this guy around will make the recovery a little bit less painful :-P

Baby toothbrush - My boyfriend, whom was previously referred to as 'Valentine's Day Date' but has since been upgraded ;) really wanted to help me out in some way for my surgery, so he decided that buying me a JESSIE from TOY STORY toothbrush was the best way to begin. I completely agree, Jessie is my absolute favorite and I am so excited for this little toothbrush!

I had an ortho appointment today, but there isn't a whole lot to report. I had the bottom chain band replaced, but that's about all the news I have. Dr. S said he is hoping the two gaps open up more, but I am kind of doubting it. The OA said the springs were still 'active' which she explained as them being still really springy, they haven't relaxed enough so that means they're still working. I don't feel any pressure on those teeth anymore so I feel like they've made all the progress they're going to. Dr. S said everything looked 'really good', and I rescheduled an appointment I had made for May 4 to May 5, as I have an exam on May 4 and will most likely need that morning to cram. When I left the ortho, I think every OA and my OD said 'Bye Dani!' . It's fun to have them all know my name and my story, and have an interest in me. It's nice to not just be another patient, and I think I give them some relief from working on the mouths of 12 year olds all day.


  • Anonymous | April 14, 2011 at 10:14 AM

    Yeah, you are on your way! Did you check out Mandy's supply list? I am going to use hers as my reference!

  • JEN | April 14, 2011 at 12:46 PM

    Well, this is certainly exciting!!!

    The 12 year old remark is so funny! I am always the only adult patient in the office when I go and everyone is SO young!

  • Dani | April 14, 2011 at 8:19 PM

    Yes I did check hers! I wrote down quite a few things that I would like to pick up. I think I am just going to get a few food items before surgery and just have my mom stop at the grocery store afterwards when I think of things I am actually hungry for. I don't want to get stuck with a million protein shakes if I get really sick of them fast! My OS said I could do mashed potatoes and that kind of stuff right away though, so I am probably going to have to play food by ear.

  • Rhianna | April 14, 2011 at 11:38 PM

    I LOVE the penguin humidifier Dani, so cute!! This was a very helpful post. I had never come across the waterpik until I started reading about it on people's blogs. I will have to try and find a cheap one also.

    My surgeon wants me eating semi solid (mashed) food straight away. so hopefully no liquid diet and food by syringes for me :)

  • Sarah | April 15, 2011 at 2:38 AM

    I'm so glad to hear that you got a boyfriend while braced up! I know this should be the least of my concerns but I'm really worried that no boys will be interested in me now that I've got braces! I'm meant to be going on a date at the weekend, and am feeling I should warn him first about my new metal mouth!

  • Dani | April 15, 2011 at 2:28 PM

    Sarah, the funny thing is, I think I have been approached more by guys since I have had the braces! I was super super self conscious about them at first, I even put of braces twice before (once in HS and then again freshman year of college) because I thought I would look so ugly! Trust me, ANY guy who isn't interested in you because of braces is honestly not worth your time, because there are SO many guys who could care less about them! My boyfriend knew me before braces, and we connected again a few months after I got them on, and he never made a peep about them. I honestly think guys may feel like you're more approachable!
    and don't tell this guy that you have braces! he doesn't need to be 'warned'! It will only make you look like you're self conscious about them, and guys want a confident woman! hehe. If you don't draw attention to him, neither will he! If you play it off like they are no big deal, then he won't think they're a big deal! Just rock them, you're stuck in them for a WHILE ! I was SUPER self conscious about them at first, but the quicker you just accept it, the better you'll feel :)
    xx, good luck on your date girlfriend! :)

    Rhianna, I think we are the lucky ones, getting to do soft/mashed food right away! It was a bit depressing to read blogs about drinking breakfast lunch and dinner for weeks! I even read a blog where the girl could drink solely CLEAR liquids for the first 10 days. ugh!

  • Sarah | April 16, 2011 at 3:33 AM

    Thanks Dani! You're right, I don't think I'd want a guy who's shallow enought to not like me just because of my braces! I hope the same thing happens with me with boys approaching me more since I've got them on! Yeah you're right, I won't tell him about them, like you said, I don't want to draw attention to them and make them seem like a big deal. I'm pretty unlucky with boys anyway, so if it doesn't work out, I won't blame it on the braces! haha! Thanks so much for your advice! xx

  • Rosa posa | April 16, 2011 at 2:42 PM

    hi Dani!! thankyou so much for commenting, it's so nice talking to other people getting this surgery
    your blog looks great! you seem like such a sweet person, I can't wait to follow and see how you get on:)
    and oh my gosh I think english accents are so boring! hahaa American is way cooler:D x

  • whitneykendra | April 16, 2011 at 4:16 PM

    The humidifier and a baby toothbrush are an absolute must!

    Those clear bottles your mom found look like they would be really good too because it looks like they could be squeezed? I had a hard time using a straw for I guess about a month after surgery.

    Congrats on your new boyfriend! :)

    One thing that I loved after surgery were those "Naked" drinks from the grocery store. At my grocery store, they're refrigerated in the produce department next to the salads you buy in the bag. They're really yummy and good for you.

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