Day 74

(This was supposed to be posted on Friday-- whoops!)

I had an appointment with my surgeon Dr. M today. He said everything is looking perfect! I still love hearing that. I am so thankful that other than the first few weeks post-op with the lips and the nausea, I haven't been thrown for any more loops. Things are right on track and it is an amazing feeling!

I brought up my concern with my molars not touching to Dr. M. I said I felt like it wasn't a big deal to anyone else, but it is a big deal to me. It seems that if you don't need those furthest back teeth to chew, they aren't really important and they aren't what is representative of a 'perfect bite' I said that I felt like Dr. S seems like he will take the braces off if the molars get closer, and isn't waiting until they are perfect. It really does bug me that they don't touch. I don't feel like my bite is perfect because I can tell my back teeth aren't hitting each other. Dr. M said this can easily be fixed with orthodontics, and my molars are actually really close, so there shouldn't be much work to do. He offered to call Dr. S and talk about bringing my molars to the point of touching before removing the braces, and I accepted this offer and am thankful he is willing to discuss it further with Dr. S. I KNOW Dr. S is an incredible orthodontist and that he knows much more than me, but he also doesn't have to live with molars that don't touch for the rest of his life, and I can still chew fine and everything else is perfect, so it doesn't worry him much. Dr. M said Dr. S is really good with his elastic configuration assignments, and my upside down triangle configuration should definitely help. I don't feel any pain or soreness in my back molars though, so I am not sure if any movement is happening or going to happen, but I am crossing my fingers and hoping it is as easy of a fix as my doctors are making it out to be.

PHEW! Sorry for the rambling! I have my sister's bridal shower tomorrow, so I will try to get someone to snap a pic of me and get that up here. I am starting to really get used to the way my face looks in the mirror, and I no longer think that my chin looks huge, UNTIL I see myself in a picture. I can't figure out how to position my face and my smile looks goofy. I know I have always felt I looked prettier in the mirror and would see pictures of myself and think 'is that REALLY what I look like?' Right now, I think my face looks proportional and normal, but in pictures I think it looks like my chin is super wide and huge. Just another annoyance.. what's new :-P


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