Third Check-up

Yesterday I had my 3rd check in with my OD. It was a longer scheduled appointment, because they had to reposition a few of the brackets. My teeth were initially so crowded that they're goal was just to get a bracket on the tooth, wherever it would fit! I had read a lot about ceramic braces removal and heard that it was really painful, so I was SO nervous going in. I am not sure if my braces are different or what not, but it took the OA a matter of seconds to pop off all of the brackets that needed to be replaced. There were two on the front bottom, and one on the top left front tooth. My absolute biggest issue with anything having to do with braces is the polishing part. I am not sure why, but the grinding/vibration of my teeth is absolutely nauseating to me. I may be a bit dramatic, but it's worse than nails on a chalkboard / silverware scraping on a plate / whatever. I asked if I could listen to my iPod as a distraction, because I really just can't handle it. Anyway, I turned up my music really loud and did my best to stay distracted. The polishing of the front little tooth was excruciating though, YUCK!

They also decided to place brackets on my back four molars. I realized that they didn't have brackets initially, and was totally confused as to why this would have been. I asked them about this and they told me that typically the back molars don't need to move a lot, and that not bracketing them gives the front teeth more of an ability to straighten out. Well, now my back molars don't line up with any of my teeth on the top or the bottom, so they've got some serious movement to do. I absolutely hate the feeling of having brackets way back there, and my jaw is aching from the pressure on the molars now.

They didn't change the size of either wire, once again, although they did replace both wires. My OA said that a larger wire wouldn't possibly fit through the brackets. I asked her if that meant I would be wearing the same size wire the rest of the time, and she said no, we would increase it later. Not sure how the wire doesn't fit now, but will fit later? Odd.

That's all of an update I have for now :)


  • Mai | November 18, 2010 at 6:13 PM

    ee i agree with you the noise and the vibration is sooo agh i dont know how to explain it but its weird..

    and i think the reason they didnt put the heavy duty wires in yet cuz the brackets, the place where the wire has to go thru, needs to strt to widen up and become bigger , or atleast thats watt my ortho told me a while ago..hmm

    anyhow, hope the pain isnt to bad..:)

  • Anonymous | November 19, 2010 at 7:41 AM

    Hi Dani! Thank you for your nice comments on my blog! I am such an anxious person to begin with so hopefully my surgeon will put me at ease when I see him on the 29th. I sure hope so because I have until Nov 30th to set up my Health Savings Account for 2011 and I need to know whether to account for my surgery in those figures. Nothing like waiting until the last minute! Hee hee!

    OMG, I totally know what you mean about the polishing/grinding. I had a retainer way back in high school (no braces) and the ortho shaved in between my teeth to make room for movement. It was the worst experience of my life! I think I am still scarred to this day! My current ortho just polished around my brackets the other day, to clean up some dark plaque that was forming, and it wasn't so bad. Still though, the SMELL of teeth shaving is very unnerving! I think I will try your iPod trick for that day when the braces come off! Nice idea!!

    Hmmm, not sure why the bigger wire would not work now but will later. Must be a good reason though, possibly like Mai said. My ortho just put me in my second to last wire the other day! I cannot believe how much better my teeth look even though they were actually very straight to begin with. They just kind of caved inwards. Now they look much more prominent to me. I cannot wait for my next wire! If only the jaw surgery could work the same...slow changes over the course of a year or so... Now that I could deal with! Going "to sleep" with one face, waking up with another....sigh...

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