A Broken Bracket

Sunday night I realized one of my brackets in the back near my upper molar had popped off. From that moment, the thing became like a loose tooth, I couldn't stop playing with it and thinking about it! I wasn't able to get to the orthodontist until today because my life is insane and Thursday is the only day I have time to do anything other than school work. I went in this morning to have it reglued on, and my tooth must have really moved because uhhh it really hurts now! That one single tooth is making my whole lower jaw and head hurt. SO, moral of this story, if a bracket breaks loose, get it fixed asap, save yourself the pain of your braces yanking on one single tooth to get it back in line. I still can't believe how quickly that sucker moved!

As I was heading out of the orthodontist office, I saw a few familiar faces in the lobby, although one of them didn't look as familiar as it should! A woman who lives just down the street from me, whom I have known for years and years, was there with her oldest daughter, whom I used to babysit! Ali is turning 16, and is just as tall as me, if not taller (and I am 5' 8''! ). I have seen her around but just not often enough to really recognize her at first. Anyway, we got to chatting, and she is in the process of getting jaw surgery as well! It was so insane to come across someone who I know personally who will be dealing with all of the same things I am now. This will be her second time in braces, but she is lucky that her teeth are so straight already, she will only need them on for about 6 months prior to surgery. My lovely ceramic braces caught her attention and she instantly asked her mom 'Can I get clear ones too!' . Anyway, the whole experience made me feel really old. For one, being in an orthodontist office makes me feel old because there are kids half my age rolling in and out at all times, and now the little tiny girl I used to babysit is catching up with me in life. Crazy.

My next appointment is November 17, and it will be longer than normal because they need to pop off a few brackets and reposition them. My bottom teeth were so crowded when I got the braces on that they couldn't be too picky with positioning the brackets, they just needed to get them on the teeth.

Brent- I can't seem to find a 'Follow' button on your page. Any idea where it's located or if you've enabled having followers?

Tara- My little 'blogs followed' news feed says you've posted something new after your post about ceramic braces, but when I go to your page, there's nothing there, and it is also not allowing me to comment because it says it's restricted only to the owner of the page.. Just a heads up in case something changed with your settings-- unless it's something from my side of the system!

20 days until Thanksgiving. 51 days until Christmas. 54 days until AUSTRALIA. =]


  • Tara | November 5, 2010 at 7:20 AM

    Dani - thanks for letting me know! I don't know what happened! I"ll see if I can get it fixed. I'm off today because I just had my two teeth extracted. Feeling sort of out of it since they put me to sleep but I'll be back on shortly. Glad you got your bracket fixed! And for the record - you are so young! I'm 32 and I feel really old for this process. Wearing braces is a constant reminder of my age because I feel like I look so silly. :-)

  • Anonymous | November 5, 2010 at 2:48 PM

    Hee hee! Agreed Tara! Dani, you are too young to call yourself old! Leave it to Tara and I! I turned 32 yesterday... I feel OLD having braces and especially jaw surgery. You are a baby Dani!

    Wait! Where's Brent to now chew me and Tara out! :-P

    My mom said it to me like this, "You could live to be 100 years old. You really want these jaw problems another 60+ years????"

  • Brent | November 6, 2010 at 9:09 AM

    Hi Dani!
    Thanks for the reminder, I will turn it on...How exciting to have someone you know in the same office going through the same experience! You and her can share past experiences and new crazy ones too.

    Also, you gals are so funny! Tina, I agree with your mom...when you are 100 years old you will be so happy that you took care of this 60 years ago! AND, I look at being 42 as the new 24....but it is always so wierd to sit in the waiting room "tin grin" and all, watching small munchkins running about!

    Have a super wonderful week!

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