Wedding :)

My big sister got married Saturday night :)

(How cute are we?)

I really think she was the most beautiful bride I have ever seen.

And this little man was definitely the star of the show.

The wedding was perfect. SO many tears were shed. She is my only sister and I can't believe how much the two of us have grown up. I was such a sobbing mess during the ceremony, but managed to hold it together during my speech.

So many people came up to me to tell me they didn't recognize me! I think the fact that I was the Maid of Honor was the only obvious clue that I was ME.. some people were so lost as to why I looked so different. It's still weird, because I feel like surgery is so far behind me, and there are still so many people who have to get used to my new look.

My new brother-in-law :)

I was so worried about having braces in my sister's wedding, but I think I am okay with it now. A month ago, I was still really unhappy with my smile and was super worried about it, but there weren't any pictures that I saw of myself that I thought 'my smile looks weird!' .


Best. Wedding. EVER.


  • Rhianna | September 6, 2011 at 2:13 AM

    Dani you look FANTASTIC! Looks like it was a beautiful wedding :) You and your sis look so similar. She's very photogenic too. Oh and your friend (brown hair) got her braces off. Her teeth are amazing!!

  • Rosa posa | September 6, 2011 at 5:02 AM

    Oh my gosh!! so many beautiful photos:) this looks like it was such a special day, so glad that it was everything that you all dreamed of!!
    You look so stunning I'm so happy for uuu:) xoxo

  • elechim22 | January 12, 2012 at 4:42 PM

    Hi Dani. I just stumbled upon your blog from the comments section of Amanda's blog - and it's so funny that you had braces when your sister got married! I am 22 and getting braces tomorrow night. My brother is getting married in September and I am a bridesmaid and I am so upset that I have to have braces on for all of the photos. But I can see that it wasn't really a big deal on the day of, and you look so beautiful in your pictures. Thanks for keeping this blog!

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