Winter Break

I haven't been blogging in a while, but I have been crazy busy! I went to an amazing day before Christmas Eve wedding for my uncle and his new wife, Jeanne, followed by a great Christmas Eve and Christmas with the family! I then took off Christmas night for Denver to meet up with my best friend Aliey (from Australia) who is visiting my friend Geoff in Colorado! After a few days with them, I took off for Australia! My trip didn't go quite as expected, but it ended up turning out wonderfully. For those who haven't turned on the TV in the last few weeks, there was historically high flooding in Queensland, RIGHT where I was visiting. I experienced some pretty bad weather with about 2 weeks straight of nonstop rain, was evacuated from my hotel on the river which was eventually under water, and ended my trip with sunshine and an incredible last few days on the beach :) In the one month that I was gone, my little nephew learned how to crawl, stand up on his own, and is getting his first two little chompers! I've chronicled my winter break into a photo blog.. enjoy!

My cousin Samantha and I at her dad's wedding.

Me and my monkey on his FIRST Christmas :)

Jackson likes gossip mags just like his Auntie !

Overlooking Vail

Showing off my grill.

Me and Aliey!

Me standing on the median of the very flooded highway.

The spider we found in my friends apartment. They all failed to mention to me that this was the FOURTH one they'd found and killed since I started staying there..

:) at Gold Coast

Mikey and I.

Feeding an elephant at Australia Zoo!

Bindi, Terri and Bob Irwin (Steve Irwin's family) at Australia Zoo

I budged in front of someone to take this picture of Bob Irwin with a lizard.. Little did I know it was Terri Irwin standing right next to me (see reflection...)

Seaworld in Gold Coast.

My last full day in Australia, getting a new tattoo :) It says 'no worries' -- a very common Australian saying, and is written in my mommy's handwriting.

I have an ortho appointment next Monday, so look out for another update then!


  • Tara | January 27, 2011 at 7:11 AM

    I love your pics Dani! You look happy and relaxed! Good luck at your next ortho apt next Monday! I'll be checking in for an update!!


  • Anonymous | January 27, 2011 at 12:20 PM

    Sounds like you've had an adventurous Winter break! Good luck at your appointment Monday. Do you have a surgery date yet? I thought you were having yours around the same time as me! I am May 2011. I need someone who is going to have their surgery right around the same time as me!! :-)

  • Dani | January 27, 2011 at 3:52 PM

    Yes I do think we should be having surgery definitely within a few weeks of one another! I was told late May, early June by my ortho, as I am in school until mid may. I just scheduled an appt with my surgeon for this Tuesday, so I'll have a better idea then. I'll keep you posted, of course :) it'll be so nice to have at least one person going through it at the same time !

  • Braced Blogger | January 28, 2011 at 6:55 PM

    i'm so jealous of both of you! i have to wait until the end of the year, and that seems like forever!

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